We aren't just building our future...

We're building our past!

Josh Murley, April 2014

Stephanie Urbina Jones, May 2014

Will Owen Gage, July 2014

Malford Milligan, August 2014

Tish Hinojosa, September 2014

John Andrew Parks, October 2014

Shelley King November 2014

4 Proches, December 2014

Josh & Kristi Grider, January 2015

Olver Rajamani, February 2015

John Tennison, March 2015

Ghosts of the American Road, May 2015

Will Owen Gage Band, June 2015

Mayeux & Broussard, July 2015

Soul Track Mind, August 2015

Johnny Nicholas, September 2015

Tommy Elskes, November 2015

Patricia Vonne,  January 2016

Eric Taylor, February 2016

​Nathan Hamilton, March 2016

Curtis McMurtry, April 2016

BettySoo, May 2016

​Red Young & Silvie Rider-Young, June 2016

​Will Owen Gage Band, July 2016

Mike Blakely, August 2016

Hogan & Moss, September 2016

Shoulders, October 2016

Max Zimmet & Hot Pickin Bluegrass, November 2016

Donovan Keith & The Funky Feat,  January 2017

Art & Lisa Crawford accompanied by John Inmon, February 18, 2017

The Staehely Brothers, March 18, 2017

Stephanie Urbina Jones, March 31, 2017

Luis Angel Ibanez, May 6, 2017

​Susan Gibson, May 27, 2017

​Oliver  Rajamani, June 3, 2017

​The Elderberries, June 30, 2017

Weldon Henson, July 29, 2017

Jeff Lofton, September 9, 2017

​Hardened & Tempered, September 23, 2017

​Lex Land, October 7, 2017

House Concerts

Music Through Membership

The  Music Connection House Concert series hosts small music concerts in and around Hill Country / Austin / Johnson City areas of Texas - about two per month.  Our core is a group of locals who appreciate music in the classic style of a Salon - small private events.  Our Salon Events are generally open to Member Families and their guests, and usually bring about around 40-50 people together for an evening of live, Texas music.  

Some events are so fabulous we want to share them with our best friends.  These Invitational Events will are open to our Hosts and Guest and seating will limited to around 60 attendees. 

During the year we'll open an event or two up to the general public.  These events will continue to be intimate with seating limited to around 150 attendees.  ​


We have just a few open slots for membership for 2017-2018.  Drop us a note through our Contact Page and join us for the upcoming season!

The Music Connection is an intimate group, but we have room for a few more friends!  Members and Member families make an annual gift of $200 per person and assist us with music selection and event coordination  as they are able.  We welcome members who want to hold events in their home, but don't let that stress you out, we have great venues available already.   We ask for a single gift of $200 per person year to become a Host.   We are looking for host families for the 2017-2018 season NOW!  

Please make your check payable to Texas Heritage Music Foundation and mail to PO Box 445, Johnson City, Texas  78636

Corporate Sponsors

We have five spots open for Corporate Sponsors.  These members of our family will host one Public event each year at a venue of their selection.  A Music Connection Member will assist with coordination and promotion.  All other Members are invited to attend these events as well as guests of the Corporate Host.  For more information on becoming a Corporate Host, contact Paul Sumrall at 290texas@gmail.com

  • Corporate Sponsorship is $500 Annually
  • Music provided for a Public Event at Sponsor's business/location of choice
  • Sponsor listing on The Music Connection website
  • Sponsor listing on all Music Connection publications / Releases
  • Sponsor mentioned by name at all Music Connection events
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