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Q:  Are the programs really "no-cost"?
A:  Yes... all arrangements for the Bards are generously handled by our sponsors and through grants. 

Q:  Can we make arrangements for more than one performance?
A:   Yes... often, not all of your audience can be seated at one time. We will work with you. 

Q:  Are in-classroom programs available?
A:  Yes... many Bard programs have a classroom component such as "Story Matters" through which the audience is engaged to find their own voices and tell their own stories. 

Q:  Do the programs have lesson plans?
A:  Yes, several of the performers have created lesson plans to complimemt TEKS requirements.  Contact us for more information. 

Q:  Can off-campus events be coordinated?
A:  Yes... we can meet you anywhere you can meet us!  We've done programs in parks, event centers, homes and many other locales. 
Q   How do I arrange for a program?
A:  You may contact us at 830-792-1945, or email us at kat@texasheritagemusic.org, or arrange through one of our Bards.

Q:  How many can attend?
A:  We want to reach as many as we can. We've played for as few as thirty and as many as eight hundred!  

Q:  What age groups are appropriate?
A:  Bard programs are appropriate for all ages.  We've performed for second graders and we've performed for Seniors and all between.  The message is universal.